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Ministry in schools is what we do. It’s our great “WHY”, our reason to be, our passion and our expertise. After over 30 Years of serving Catholic High Schools in this country with themes of social justice, self-image, relationships, knowing God, and leadership, we are confident that Catholic Educators can put their trust in us to provide a high quality retreat experience that caters to the needs of their students. Another way YMT is distinct in its approach is that we offer a range of follow up opportunities for students. We are not the “sow and go” types! We run youth groups in each city we are in, camps each term and have a blog with faith and leadership content that can be accessed through our social media channels. 


It’s really important that our programs are seen as a framework that can be adjusted to the needs of one-year group to the next. We aren’t ashamed to acknowledge that teachers know their students better than us, and it’s the collaboration with teachers that we look forward to, and that enhances our ministry and achieves our outcomes. Of course, if teachers prefer a more hands off approach, we can work with that too! Simply let us know the theme of the day you’d like us to focus on, any specific pastoral needs we need to be aware of, pick a day and time and let us do the rest. 

Each YMT reflection day or retreat has a multitude of message driven and process driven elements, rounding out the day well for the students. Rural or regional schools need not miss out on booking the team. We travel as far as Ballarat, Bathurst, Cowra, Kalgoorlie, and often do trips interstate to Adelaide, Canberra and Tasmania. It’s just a matter of getting in touch! Alternatively, click here to download a copy of our schools information booklet. (link schools pdf. 


Today I had a moment that caused me to view my faith more positively (I am not a very religious person but I go to church every Sunday with my family) I was inspired by how in awe and wonder the leaders were with God. It made me inspired to build a strong relationship with Jesus.
— Jemma, Year 9, Holy Spirit College Bellambi Wollongong
The thorough preparation of the team shows in the way the students respond so enthusiastically. After some 30 Years of ministering, YMT has an excellent blend of activities and thought provoking commentaries.
— Ric High, Teaher of Religious Education, Mercy College Perth WA
I completely endorse YMT in the work that they do in leading our young people to Christ. YMT transforms lives as they meet the formation needs of those who participate in their retreats. I hold this team in the highest regard and wish that this program continues to develop further and grow to meet the needs of our youth. The YMT appears to attract young people who share the passion of evangelisation and that being their only agenda.
— Virginia Arundell, Religious Education Coordinator, Loyola Senior High School, Mount Druitt NSW
I have used YMT for a number of years. They have always created a special bond with our students. Because the YMT Members are young, vibrant and in touch with their faith our students look forward to their reflection day each year. The team is always well received… They are wonderful young Christian people who should be very proud of what they do. It is a tough gig doing what they do and they always do it with a smile and with the grace of God.
— Robert Exner, Religious Education Coordinator, St. John’s College, Dubbo NSW