The philosophy is simple:

Your spare change can bring about eternal change® in the life of a young person. It's a bold statement, but countless times we have had the privilege of walking with a young person who has been empowered and emboldened to make life-changing decisions. 


$10 a week enables YMT to engage 15 young Australians with an eternal message of HOPE.

$20 a week supplies one local Team with an office space, allowing the Team to train and prepare for powerful ministry activities such as dramas, testimonies, and formation.

$40 a week provides one Team Member with their basic living expense, including groceries and medical needs.

$50 a week enables one local Team ministry van and trailer to operate, including lease payments, insurance, petrol, and maintenance services.

$100 a week provides one local area with the resources to run the iSTAND follow up program, including weekly iSTAND Nights and termly iSTAND Camps.

I was really inspired to reach out for Jesus. I’m never alone, there is always someone who will love and accept me for who I really am. I feel more loved today, and more accepting of both myself and others.
— Year 9 Student, Mount Carmel Catholic College
I have been inspired by the fact that these young people are so invested in their faith and their mission to give hope to the youth of Australia. They have helped me to realise that living out our faith is never something to be ashamed of.
— Year 10 Student, attends YMT iSTAND youth group
Your session was excellent. Catered to the needs of students but more importantly the theme of Servant Leadership. A wonderful balance of activities, appeal to both staff and students in attendance. Thank you for your work in Catholic Education!
— Anna Berardinelli, Director of Catholic Identity, Thomas Carr College, Tarneit VIC

These life-changing decisions have led young people from a negative path of self-harm, self-doubt and isolation to a positive path where they understand their value, know their potential and can actively make good choices in their life. There are hundreds of people who passionately believe in YMT and the work we do. Eternal Change® Partners and Sponsors are those individuals and organisations who want to turn their belief into action and real hope for the young people of our country. 

We know there are so many worthwhile causes to donate to, and as little as $10 a week enables YMT to engage 8 young Australians with an eternal message of hope. 


You can invest in hope by completing the form below and we will get in touch to follow up your partnership with us. Alternatively you can use one of the following methods: 

  1. Download the hard copy Eternal Change® form which you can fill, scan, and send in to and we will get in touch to follow up your partnership with us. 

  2. Make a one off EFT donation via this link.

  3. Make a one off credit card donation via this link. Please enter your last name and first initial of first name in the 'reference number' field and send us an email to notify us of your contribution details.

Thank you so much for your generous support in this important mission! 

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