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I first met the Sydney YMT when I was a heartbroken, depressed and thoroughly confused teenager having just lost my brother to suicide. So powerful was the impact of this team of young adults that I rediscovered my faith and was able to experience incredible healing. A year later, I decided to join YMT myself. Throughout those two years of YMT my faith grew in ways I hadn’t known possible, and in many respects I emerged a new person. 

Gone was the depressed, despairing teenager; in her place was a young woman who knew first-hand the joy that God alone can bring, and how He can use someone broken to bring life to others.

I was blessed to meet my husband on my second year of YMT - we settled in Sydney and the blessings continued as we welcomed our four children.

Throughout these years, YMT have been close to our hearts and we have loved welcoming so many team members into our home and into our lives. Even now as a wife and mother, at times feeling weary and worn, I find myself inspired by the incredible faith of these young people. 

Our children delight in knowing that “the Team” are coming over for dinner because the they never fail to make each child feel important.

Our eldest, now 14, had the opportunity to attend a Perth YMT social day while we were visiting. The fact that she was invited meant so much to her, since she was virtually a stranger to them, but I think that’s one of the great strengths of the YMT – embracing and welcoming teenagers, who at this time of their lives are longing for acceptance! Shortly after, she was able to attend her very first iSTAND™ weekend and decided that even though she doesn’t know what she wants to do after school, she absolutely wants to do YMT! 

What an incredible thing for a mother to hear – that their teenager can’t wait to serve God and the church in such a profound way.

I am truly grateful to God for allowing me a long association with such an amazing organisation as YMT Australia and I cannot recommend them highly enough to any school, youth group, parent or teenager.