YMT has helped to pioneer a new style of peer to peer youth outreach, being the first of its kind to originate in Australia in 1986, therefore it is fitting that YMT has a comprehensive system of pastoral care for our team members that isn’t seen in any other Australian Catholic Youth Ministry context. 

Because YMT Australia originated out of the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community and doesn’t exist in any of its locations without a branch of the community, our pastoral care framework is embedded in the life of the community. 

As such, each team member receives one on one pastoral care and discipleship either weekly or fortnightly from an older member of the community who often have ministry or household experience themselves. Team Members are also welcomed into a sharing group which meets fortnightly in fellowship and prayer as people from different vocations live their faiths alongside each other. 


Another great pastoral feature of a YMT member’s year is that they each have one community family who commit to pray for them for the duration of the year and host them for dinners and invite them on family outings. 

On top of all of these features of individual pastoral care and discipleship, YMT members attend a community gathering each Sunday which features formation in the Christian life, fellowship and praise and prayer. YMT greatly acknowledges that the outreach and ministry of each team member year to year would not happen without the support of the Disciples of Jesus Community.

Each team also has an employed manager in each location, who each have different tertiary qualifications but who have all served on YMT so are familiar with the ministry standards that are maintained each year and the lifestyle which team members commit to.

Managers have a duty of care to our team members and as such have one-on-one catch ups with each team members to check in with how they are going. YMT also contracts an independent mental health professional should team members require any additional care.