Choosing to defer work or study for 12 months to serve God through YMT is a great privilege and is definitely a life defining decision. In our history, it’s a call that more than 400 young people have heard and responded to and it’s on their shoulders that our current teams stand. 

Teams are made up of approximately six individuals and reside in men’s and women’s households. This household acts as a way to build unity in brotherhood and sisterhood from which to minister. Every morning, the hoods pray together and attend daily Mass before the busyness of the day begins. Each night they pray the prayer of the Church before going to sleep at a retiring time of 10pm on week nights. This retiring time allows missionaries to get an optimum amount of rest to sustain them throughout what is an intensely busy year! 


We are so grateful for the sacrifice our team members make to serve with us, and don’t ask our volunteers to fundraise before they embark on their missionary year. Instead, team members work in paid employment on Monday and Tuesday and combine their earnings with the rest of their household to cover rent, bills and food. 

As well as setting aside work and university for the year, team members commit to not pursue exclusive dating relationships in order to be single hearted for the mission for the duration of their year. 

Over 30 years of experience has proved that this challenging lifestyle is the foundation that empowers Teams with a distinct unity and capacity to do God’s work. If you're interested in more information or applying, contact us here.