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The Power of "Hi"

I was on the train one day – back when I was a young teen – clad in an Adore Conference promo t-shirt, with an image of the Blessed Sacrament blaring out from the centre of my chest, when I noticed a man, aged 40-something, who seemed to me a bit rough-round-the-edges and in need of God’s love (aren’t we all!). Needless to say I was judging him left, right and centre...

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Band of Brothers

We exist in a web of relationships. There's no denying that these relationships, especially those that are the most close or meaningful to me, have an impact on the person I am and the person I am continually becoming. No man is an island. I see this dynamic at work when I reflect on how my behaviour may change or adapt depending on the people I'm hanging out with...

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