Just a sneak peek into a Teamie's diary...

Team. Where to begin.  When I came home and tried to explain to people what my year had been like it was near impossible to do so with just words. The most common question I heard was “Was it actually as good as the photos made it seem? I mean it can’t really be that great in real life, right?”

Honestly? Looking back, it actually was as wonderful as it looks, if not more so. There were so many hard things, a whole lot more than what were uploaded to Instagram, but each of those challenges seem equally beautiful in my mind to the laughter, the crazy stories and the ridiculous memories, because they were all so worth it. I know God used all of them to draw me closer to him, to my team, and to the young people of Australia. I’ve never grown so much in my life; I’ve never been so grateful that He called me to something so undeniably good. 

I’ll never forget the time our tepee tent came down in the rain at 5:00am when we went camping, the spontaneous trips to the beach with my sisterhood, soldiering on dead-tired and coffee/grace-powered from one three day retreat to the next, the time an alpaca spat all over my face, my entire team taking the worst sleeping photos of me ever in the van, Sisterhood @ Santuccis, Macca's after iSTAND Nights with out incredible YDs, silent retreats at the Sibly’s farm (AKA – paradise), daily mass and adoration with the MGLs or the feeling of coming home after a school ministry day and knowing there was no better way I could have spent that day. What a privilege.  

Have a scroll through our adventures my last year - so much more than a gap year before Uni.

Juliette Dahdah