Celebrating over 30 Years of ministry within Australia.


Youth Mission Team Australia (YMT) is a non-profit, charity organisation and one of the leading Catholic Youth Ministries in the country. Focused on the critical areas of faith and character development in Australian teenagers, YMT has helped to pioneer a new style of peer to peer youth outreach, being the first of its kind to originate in Australia in 1986.

YMT has head quarters based in Wollongong, New South Wales, and operates four ministry teams throughout Australia based in:

  • Sydney
  • Perth
  • Melbourne
  • Wollongong

Teams are equipped to travel to locations other than their immediate cities, thereby meaning that schools in Tasmania, Adelaide and regional parts of New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria are able to engage with programs the team runs.

Team members commit to live a radical, common life style of prayer, simplicity and mission for one year at a time. They share a house together, begin and end each day with prayer at 6am and 10pm, attend daily Mass, spend time each day in worship and personal prayer time and are pastorally and spiritually mentored throughout the year.
Team members also spend two days a week in the regular workforce and pool their wages to cover their basic living expenses, leaving themselves an allowance of just $25 a week. Wednesday to Sunday is then available for full time ministry.



30 years of experience has proved that this challenging lifestyle is the foundation that empowers Teams with a distinct unity and capacity to do God’s work.

The mission statement of Youth Mission Team Australia:

“To encourage young people to discover and embrace a heartfelt, intimate friendship with Christ that becomes the very well-spring of every aspect of their daily lives and directly impacts the development of their character. Also igniting a passion to discover and fulfill their God given life purpose, actively participate in the Church today and grow the Church of tomorrow”

For more information about the Youth Mission Team and the work they do in schools, click here for our information pack or head to our schools page!

Fantastic interactive activities that really engaged the students and held great meaning. The shared stories by the team members were very eye opening for our students.
— Tessa Anderson, Teacher, Servite College, WA
The skits were funny and the stories were very inspiring and relatable. It helped me to open my eyes up to him, and see beneath, a man. I really saw and believed what he truly is. I can now see God differently.
— Lily, Year 8, St Leo’s Catholic College, NSW
Helped me to believe in God more and to accept myself as I am. And I don’t have to hide myself to impress other people.
— Rhiarn, Year 9, Bunbury Catholic College, WA
A great reflection day, strong student engagement in a variety of activities… Some really powerful messages were given to students about promoting human dignity and stepping off the curb to help others.
— Teacher, St. Mary Star of the Sea College, NSW

Youth Mission Team Australia
offers a unique missionary opportunity for young people.